FOOD TRUCK MENU                                                


MEAT PLATES  $13 - $16

The option is yours: The 1 meat plate includes pork, brisket or chicken thighs plus two of our signature sides OR the 2 meat plate includes your choice of pork, brisket or chicken thighs plus two of our signature sides. Either way you can’t go wrong!

RIB PLATE  $16 (currently unavailable)

A BBQ menu wouldn't be the same without ribs, right?! Award winning ribs you've got to try! A quarter rack of smoked pork spare ribs plus two of our signature sides ready to be devoured. 

BBQ SANDWICH  $12 - $13

Your choice of chopped pork, brisket or chicken sandwiched between a bun and covered in bbq sauce. And if you are feeling wild try topping your sandwich with a coleslaw topper for a buck. Includes one side. 


Named after Gomer Pyle...this is our famous “pyle” of bbq! Start with your choice of pulled pork, brisket or chicken then layered with three of our signature sides: mac & cheese, bbq beans, coleslaw and sauced to perfection. This is an all-time customer favorite! Over 1,000 sold last year! #thegomer

THE KOY  $12

Inspired by our favorite comedian, Jo Koy. The ultimate rice bowl with our signature coleslaw, your choice of pulled pork, brisket or chicken then topped with our famous BBQ sauce, our NEW creamy honey sriracha sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds. A dish your taste buds will thank you for! #thekoy #riceisrice


Our take on the BBQ nacho! Chips layered with your choice of meat plus cheese, bbq beans, mac & cheese, bbq sauce and coleslaw. It may seem too good to be true but it’s exactly what your mouth has been missing! #thenacho


Calling all taco lovers! We have some BBQ tacos for you! Two corn tortillas filled with smoked brisket then topped with cotija cheese, our signature coleslaw, cilantro and Lloyd's signature bbq sauce. Tacos so good you will never forget them! #tacoeveryday (GF)

THE ROSARITO BURRITO  $12 (currently unavailable)

It’s not often we serve breakfast but when we do we make sure it’s over-the-top! This mouthwatering burrito is stuffed full any meat of your choice, scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes & shredded cheese. Add sour cream & salsa if you so desire...for free, of course! #thisonetimeinmexico


Some people come for the meat...and some come just for the sides. We understand either way! Choose from our extra cheesy mac & cheese, our savory bbq beans (GF), our amazing brisket chili (GF) or our creamy coleslaw (GF).

GF - Gluten Free

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